Content Marketing

What to Expect

  • Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility
  • Audience Engagement and Trust Building
  • Lead Generation and Conversions

APS begins any content marketing strategy with an in-depth analysis of the client's target audience. We put ourselves into the mind of a consumer searching for the goods or services our client offers. Then, we conduct robust keyword research to assist in our brainstorm of content market topics that provide valuable, and relevant information to our audience. Ultimately, our goal is to tell our client's story effectively and encourage consumers to take meaningful action, such as make a purchase, fill out a lead form, or schedule a consultation.

Content Creation and SEO Optimization

With a range of topics in mind, our writers get to work drafting content that is both compelling to read and useful to the target audience. We consider seasonality and current trends when planning content publication to better leverage timely topics and use evergreen content strategically. All website content and blog posts are optimized based on the SEO strategy laid out in the next slide to improve visibility In organic search results for the relevant keywords we're using.

Distribution and Promotion

Once content is published to our client's site, we determine how other marketing channels available to us can help amplify the messaging. This typically involves linking out to pages and blogs in organic social media posts, anchoring paid social or search ads with specific content, and highlighting in email campaigns.

Insights and Analysis

For every piece of content created, we analyze KPIs through Google and SEMRush to understand how the content ranked for its relevant keywords, how well it resonated with its intended audience, and learnings we can apply to future topics and content creation.

Custom Packages.

Our content marketing packages are customized to suit the specific requirements of every client. Whether you need expert advice to achieve your goals or desire a collaborative relationship as an extension of your team, we provide a variety of options. A content marketing package with All Points Social may include:

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