Influencer Marketing + Management

What to Expect

  • Upgraded Content
  • New Partnership Opportunities
  • Increased Revenue

We work to build strong partnerships with brands and influencers. On the brand side, we help brands identify and partner with the right influencers, while on the influencer side, we help build your presence and find brands to align with. We work with you to enhance your presence on key social media platforms. For influencers, robust community management is a must, and it takes significant effort! Consider our team to be an extension of your social media persona, handling the day-to-day so you can focus on the true essence of your work.

Fitness Influencer Marketing

Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing

All Points Social can help identify brand partnerships through creator platforms and can amplify any affiliate marketing efforts you have in place, including dropping LTK links in relevant comment threads, updating to reflect product pushes, and automating direct messaging to follow up immediately with commenters interested in products or services.

Community Management

Robust community management is vital to engaging with and growing your fanbase, and it’s a lot of work! Our considerate, thoughtful, and enthusiastic team can manage day-to-day interactions, conduct daily outbound and inbound engagement, and respond to direct messages and comments with pre-determined responses vetted and approved by you.

Influencer Marketing

Trend Spotting

We’re on social media all day, every day, so we know about trending topics and features as soon as they hit the social waves. We can consult with you on the trends that work for your brand and either give you the guidance you need to create corresponding content, or work directly with available assets to create the content for you.

Influencer Content Creation

Content  Creation and Curation

We help you create and curate content for your audience. Depending on the level of collaboration you desire, All Points Social can either use your existing footage and imagery to create new content pieces or even help build up your library of creative assets for social media. Invite us to a photoshoot and we’ll work behind the scenes to capture the essence of your work. We’ll tag along on important industry events to keep your Stories fresh. We can also take this footage and turn it Into various visuals for use across any placements – Stories, Reels, static image posts, carousels, Guides, and more.

Our Approach.

The social landscape has evolved so much in the past 15 years, and now more than ever influencers and creators have tremendous power to reach an engaged following and make a difference for brands.

Our team works with brands to identify potential influencers, create briefs for collaborations, manage influencer relationships, make content recommendations, and more. We can work with a variety of influencer platforms to help streamline this process for your brand so you can focus on what you need to to make your business run.

We also work with creators to create content, find new partnership opportunities, uncover new ways to monetize, and more. Profile housekeeping, new collaborations, content upgrades, and affiliate programming are just some of the ways we can add value for you.

Custom Packages.

Our influencer marketing and influencer management packages are customized for exactly what you need. We offer different tiers of services based on your goals, desired level of collaboration, and budget. Our partnerships can range from project-based to full-service management and everything in between.

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