Paid Social Advertising

What to Expect


As a full-service digital marketing agency, All Points Social offers paid social media advertising services to help businesses generate significant results on social media. Our team crafts customized strategies, following best practices, to connect your products/services with thousands of potential consumers. We tailor assets for each stage of the consumer journey, ensuring your presence and significant results on social media.

The APS Approach to Paid Social Advertising

It can take time to master the nuances of each paid advertising platform. Our team is proficient on the most effective platforms for businesses, including Meta (Facebook + Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, NextDoor, and Snapchat. We’ve developed a comprehensive process for campaign management and are constantly evolving it as new technology and techniques become available.

Copywriting and Ad Creative

Our team adopts your brand's tone and voice to effectively communicate to new and existing audiences through ad copywriting. Creative design, selection, and/or direction is offered in each of our paid advertising service levels. Our team's involvement in creative will vary based on the service level and channels recommended.

Brand Immersion, Strategy and Campaign Planning

APS analyzes client goals, their past + current paid media strategies, top competitors, and industry trends to develop a strategic paid media plan. The plan includes our recommended channels for advertising, audience and keyword targeting, campaign architecture development, budget allocation, event tracking setup, and ad copy and creative development or direction.

Campaign Execution and Management

APS assists with the setup of ad accounts, as needed, and builds out the approved campaign architecture with corresponding ads. Our team manages campaigns within platforms and makes real-time optimizations on an ongoing basis. Ad spend is monitored closely throughout the month to ensure campaigns are pacing to hit and stay within any given budget.

Ongoing Reporting and Analysis

Our team delivers regular reports at your desired frequency, with in-depth insights on ad campaign performance. We not only provide the data but also explain its significance and impact on your campaign.

Integration of Paid Social Advertising with Other Digital Marketing Tactics

Paid social ads are undeniably powerful in their ability to reach and engage target audiences. However, their impact can be further amplified when integrated with other complementary digital marketing tactics – all of which we offer. By combining paid social ads with strategies like social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and paid search advertising, businesses can create a more comprehensive and holistic marketing approach.

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